Our raw material is the live cattle is purchased from producing establishments authorized by the SENACSA ​​(National Service of Quality and Animal Health), State body constitutes the highest health authority for animal health issues.

Livestock are one of the pillars of our quality, so we promote our own production and carefully selected suppliers.

A hybrid, early and coming from natural pastures, livestock characterizes our raw materials, in line with global trends in nutrition and health. That is why today the consumer knows that the Guarani meat is synonymous with quality recognized worldwide.

The pursuit of this quality has allowed us to establish the concept of branded meat.

Frigorifico Guarani continuously engage both infrastructure improvements in machinery. Also, Beef Processing Plant at work provides an average of 500 employees directly, labor and occupying more than 300 people, continues to account for the continuous training of its members.


Frigorifico Guarani have a firm commitment to constantly evolve and meet the requirements of our customers in various markets both nationally and internationally.

Since our inception quality characterizes us and it is closely linked to the number of checks performed to obtain a product valued internationally.

We have a quality control department to ensure the safety and traceability of food manufactured, stored, transported and marketed.

From the year 2006 started implementing HACCP Plan, SENACSA ​​also performs laboratory controls such as salmonella, e.coli, colifirmes, total aerobic plate counts. Residue studies (hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals, pesticides) are also performed, among others; and water physicochemical and microbiological analysis, in addition to pH and temperature controls.

It is worth noting that we are, in all plants in the refrigerator Guaraní in the process of incorporating new certifications to improve and strengthen our management processes.