In the food processing plant burgers and sausages are made. All beef comes exclusively from the Meat Processing Plant and swine and poultry from selected local suppliers.

As a leader in producing the best Paraguayan beef seek excellence through the joint commitment of our suppliers, employees and shareholders, to process beef of the highest quality.

Our continuing priority is customer satisfaction, supplying the requested product just in time.

Therefore we work together in a friendly atmosphere, constant training, compliance with hygiene standards, Sanitary production and preserving the environment

Our Quality Policy

In the Food Division Refrigerator Guarani SACI work together to prepare hamburgers and sausages Paraguayan highest quality.

Our priority is to protect the health of consumers through safety and satisfy our customers.


We are proud to meet the expectations of our customers have achieved national and international confidence.

Our hamburger factory is the most modern in the country, this plant concept meats frozen IQF (Individual Quick Frozen - Individually Quick Frozen) is incorporated, which enables the production of high value-added meats. This factory is the pioneer in adopting the system of production and quality HACCP.

For the item Burgers have 85% of the domestic market, this was achieved by offering a high quality product with good prices, respecting consumer and marketing chain, delivering on time and our international markets are productos.En burger providers the two largest multinationals in the world in fast food (McDonald's Burger King), and one of the few cases in the world competing chains have the same supplier of meat.

The plant Sausages, is equipped with the most modern European production technology.

Our quality control laboratory is equipped with fat analyzer, AnylRay unique brand in the country, which allows us to guarantee the fat content set in the technical specification of the product, also has cooking equipment, precision scales, thermometers calibrated for control of product quality and finished oil finished frozen cooked. It also has equipment and procedures for sampling of raw materials and finished products for microbiological analyzes.