The company was founded on 1 March 1985 in order to serve the local market and start operations in international markets, pioneering in the meat category in Paraguay. Business vision, teamwork and a desire to present the best products, caused the project to become what we are today. Leaders in quality of meat products and their derivatives


During the decade of 90' investments in the expansion and modernization of plants and equipment, which accompanied a productive reorientation of the company according to the new demands of foreign markets were made. Thus, the fridge made the first shipment of chilled boneless beef cuts, replacing the traditional quarters with bone, thereby more than 36 countries was begun a new stage in the commercialization and industrialization of meat, making exports all continents.


In 1994, Frigorifico Guarani desired to get added value in their products and impact positively on the environment, or Processing Plant grasería-Products Cattle, located at that time on the campus of the city Fernando de la Mora, with an installed capacity of processing 50 tons / day of raw material composed of Sebo, bones and soft from slaughter activities and despostada capacity. In 2001, the processing plant by-products are moved to the city of Itauguá, which currently processes raw material generated in various refrigerators besides itself.

The factory was modernized and installed processing 250 tons / day with the latest equipment and high technology, which reached maximum efficiency in the process with consistent quality results expanded capacity, exceeding the standards required for the products obtained in the same: FLESH AND BONE MEAL; CATTLE SEBO CAST. Currently these products are exported around the world highlighting the markets of Brazil, Bolivia, Vietnam, South Africa and Egypt.

Following the same policy FRIGORIFICO GUARANI SACI in the beginning, managers decide to invest in 2006 in a new segment: the production of a biodegradable organic fuel in principle from a product generated in one of its production units (Sebo Bovino Cast, which until then was aimed at the production of soaps being the biggest customer soap factories in the country and the region).

Thus was born the processing of biodiesel plant, with a current production capacity of 40,000 liters / day, can not only generate biodiesel from beef tallow melted but also vegetable oils.


Likewise, the ultimate burger factory opened in Itauguá, with the concept of frozen meat IQF (Individual Quick Frozen - Individually Quick Frozen), which allows to produce high value-added meats. With this, Frigorifico Guarani became the exclusive supplier in Paraguay of McDonald's and Burger King, the two largest multinationals in the world in the burger industry


By 2000 trucks for international transport of chilled and frozen meat they were added, and investments were expanded with the addition of industry Faena and deboning plant in Fernando de la Mora.

In the local market, in 2002 Punto Carne was opened with the concept of “ The Boutique Meat ”, in order to give attention to the requirement for selected cuts and a unique system of delivery of meat guaranteed.

In 2007 he inaugurated the sausage factory in Itauguá plant, equipped with the most modern European production technology, according to the policy to continue adding value to the meat.

Frigorifico Guarani was the first company in the Paraguayan industry to certify its quality system to ISO 9001 standards. 2000 and to adopt the system of production and quality HACCP


In full consolidation continued growth and constitute ourselves in a cold industrial plant that has earned the trust and acceptance of the local and international market. Today, after almost 3 decades, we know that we contribute to position the Paraguayan beef around the world for its taste and quality.

We know we build something that fills us with pride and continue making history today with the same force and vitality of our founding in 1985.