Avda. Santa Teresa 2106, esq. Cap. Herminio Maldonado.

Torres del Paseo, Torre 2, Piso 20. Edificio Blue Tower.

Asunción, Paraguay

Phone Number:

+59521 293 448 / +59521 293 449


Since 1985 we work to deliver only the best for customers who rely on the excellence of our production.

Our plant has all health clearances that enable us to export to any destination in the world for which Paraguay is enabled as a producer of beef country. We export to Chile, member countries of the European Union, Israel, Asian and African countries.

The sub-products are mainly sold to Vietnam, South Africa, Egypt, Brazil and Bangladesh among others.

Besides marketing our own brand of burgers, we supply the two largest multinationals in the world in Fast Food (MC. DONALD's and Burger King), and one of the few cases in the world competing chains have the same supplier of meat. We also produce hamburgers for TGI Friday, Chickens Chickens K-Zero and Pollo Pechugon, Hard Rock, among others.

Sausages Guarani is the favorite brand for its taste and quality among all consumers nationwide. These products will soon be exported to the region.

In November 2015, Frigorifico Guarani has been authorized to export burguers to Russia, following the technical inspection of the veterinary service of this important market for Paraguayan beef in general.

The Burgers plant of Frigorifico Guarani is the most modern in the country processing frozen under the IQF concept meats (Individually Quick Frozen) counting as a result of continuous investment in industrial installed capacity to produce 580 tons per month of burgers under sanitary international standards such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and critical Control Points), ISO 9001 and good Manufacturing Practices which now also allows you to export to Africa and other destinations, expand their business operations to markets as attractive as the Russian.  

This fact is important because it represents a better positioning of Paraguayan beef and derived products on the world market, while opening up the possibility of new markets based on the acquired prestige.

News / Campaigns
The official Expo Burguer
Guarani, the official burger of Expo 2016, presented its new image. The launch took place on Wednesday 13 July at 20:00hs. at its booth fairground. The new designs keep the classic colors of burgers with a touch of today and renewal.

The best choices...
BOLA DE LOMO: Cut round fiber, it can be used for grilled steaks. In this case, the meat must first be tenderized.

CARNAZA NEGRA: Previously tenderized is ideal for breaded meat. Also for stews.

¿Did you know?
... a hamburger Guarani Light has fewer calories than 3 oatcakes

... a hot dog Guarani Light has fewer calories than a cereal bar

... a ham Guarani Light has fewer calories than whole wheat toast
Delights that you can not miss ...
Frigorifico Guarani launches its new sausage grill XXL, which will be 210 grams and slightly spicy, special to share. Also relaunched its "Morcilla", with its characteristic flavor. It was during the presentation of its new campaign "Taste", with which they invite all...

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